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F/S: Lindemann Limetree Bridge Network player for sale


Feb 15, 2021
Lindemann Limetree Bridge Network player for sale - fully boxed - £500 ono

Lindemann Audio Limetree NETWORK player

The Limetree NETWORK is Lindemann`s cost effective high quality media player from the Limetree series for easy replay from media storage devices (LAN or WLAN), streaming services (such as Qobuz, Tidal etc), a USB host and Bluetooth replay.​

The Limetree NETWORK is also Roon Ready.​

High quality small form factor make the Limetree series easy to place but do not be fooled by the small size. The Limetree may be sensible cost but perform way above their price point.​


Streaming 4.0 Platform

The LINDEMANN streaming platform offers a studio master grade reproduction. Either through a LAN connection or wireless via WLAN. Due to WPS, integrating the device into your existing system is just a breeze. Moreover, the ARM core high-performance processor and the web update feature make the platform absolutely future-proof.​

Lindemann network players offer access to all important streaming services such as TIDAL, Qobuz, Deezer, HighResAudio and Spotify. Qobuz Sublime+ and HighResAudio even allow playback in studio master quality! With airable there is also an up-to-date provider of web radio and podcasts available free of charge. Moreover, all current LINDEMANN network players are "Roon Ready" and support multiroom!​

The New Lindemann App

Lindemann`s custom tailored controller app is fast and clearly structured and offers maximum convenience for browsing and searching in streaming services. The album oriented programming allows to play back a complete album with just one push of a button! Save your favourites in playlists with the streaming providers or create a local playlist. The Lindemann app is available as a free download from the appstore for iOS and at Google Play for Android.​

The new tablet version featuring a landscape mode.​

DSD Re-sampling Mode

The high quality digital to analogue converters of the LINDEMANN network players have a very unique feature: a sophisticated re-sampling recalculation is used to convert all digital audio signals into a 1-bit signal: DSD 256. DSD is a data format which is highly esteemed by audiophiles worldwide. The actual digital to analogue conversion is thereby greatly simplified and reduced to a mere filtering of the 1-bit signal. This radical new approach provides a dramatic increase in sound quality, also with older and less highly resolved music files.​

This great features allows the user to choose between PCM or DSD output.​

Multi-Room Function

Another useful highlight is that the Limetree NETWORK or Limetree BRIDGE can be used in multi-room function which allows to run several streamers in different rooms separately or coupled.​

All multi-room connected Limetree NETWORK or Limetree BRIDGE units can all be controlled via the LINDEMANN app.​

CD Replay

Via USB input the Limetree NETWORK supports the connection of external CD drives to allow easy replay of CD`s at little cost! This is just a case of plug-and-play as the CD drive is automatically recognised and integrated via the LINDEMANN app.​

Includes control and CD text support (where available).​

Headphone Use

The Limetree NETWORK is equipped with a high-quality headphone amplifier, but may also be connected directly to an amplifier or active loudspeakers via the line output on the rear side.​


The Limetree NETWORK offers a Bluetooth function which enables easy music playback from smartphones or tablets. The A2DP Bluetooth audio transmission protocol ensures the very best sound quality.​

Power Supply

Power is supplied by a “medical grade“ wall plug transformer which ensures a particularly good isolation from power line disturbances. Together with the elaborate on board filtering and special voltage regulators, Lindemann Audio were able to realise an exceptionally low-noise power supply with a ripple voltage below 10 µV.​



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Feb 15, 2021
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Limetree Bridge Network player - £480
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