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EveAnna Manley - one of the most interesting women in audio.


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Jun 27, 2018
Boquete, Chiriqui, Panama
Manley labs - mostly pro audio and lots of vacuum technology - is a fascinating company run by a remarkable woman. Just this everning, I discovered and watched the below video from June, 2019. The video tour of the Manley Labs factory is 70 minutes long, but crammed with interesting information that has something for everyone from audio electronics novice to old timers and audio experts.

EveAnna is down to earth, rides a Harley (or at least she did in the past - the photo is of her is credited as being EveAnna riding her Harley from Chino, California to an audio event in San Francisco), In the below video, she talks about everything from "leather condom" mic covers to Bruno Putzeys designs for switching power supplies for her modern pro audio tube gear. Her history of being the late David Manley's 5th wife, learning about pro and consumer audio from scratch by working on the production line, and eventually taking over and growing the business is a remarkable story.
EveAnna on her Harley.jpg

In the video I found the things that influenced her business decisions and product development, as well as quality and troubleshooting methods and findings to be of particular interest. I started this thread and posted the video so we can discuss any of the many subjects she brought up.

One hour and 10 minutes well spent, IMO. Truly one of the best and most entertaining audio technology-related videos I have ever watched. Highly recommended.

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