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Dynaco A-25 Speakers for sale

Dennis Murphy

Addicted to Fun and Learning
Technical Expert
Mar 17, 2020
A local recording engineer asked me to refurbish his Dynaco A-25 speakers that were used for on-site monitoring back in the day. I modified the crossover to eliminate a breakup mode in the woofer and provide better integration with the tweeter. The sound is smoother and more cohesive than the original, but the basic character is unchanged. The multiple tweeter level switch is fully operable and has been treated with contact spray. The drivers are in excellent condition, and the cabinets rate as very good, with one very faint water stain on the top of one speaker, and some very minor blemishes on the sides. One of the grills is excellent; the other has some minor stretch areas. I am including new linen cloth if anyone wishes to replace the original material. The pictured metal stands are also included, as are the original shipping boxes. The price is $450/pair plus shipping or free pickup in the Washington, D.C. area.


  • A25 Side.jpg
    A25 Side.jpg
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  • A25 Side2.jpg
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  • A25 Top.jpg
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    A25 Front.jpg
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  • A25 no grills.jpg
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  • A25 New Crossover.JPG
    A25 New Crossover.JPG
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  • Dynaco A25 15 Degrees Off Axis.png
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  • Dynaco A25 Mod 15 Degrees Off Axis.png
    Dynaco A25 Mod 15 Degrees Off Axis.png
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