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DX3 Pro+ with 50 ohm headphones? Is this okay?


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Oct 25, 2019
That point right there...
That's fantastic, simplifies a whole lot and makes sense (assuming/praying I got it right haha).

So can I deduce that if I crank up the volume\gain without playing any sound and hear no noise from the amp - there's no risk of distortion?
I mean, I can take it to the extreme and really crank the DAC+AMP up to levels WAY beyond real use, and if it passes that in complete silence than I can rest assured there will be no audible distortion in any level below that... Right?

How does that work technically and how come these things are correlated? Asking to perhaps further my understanding for future reference...
I've never seen this explained this way so I'm extremely thankful man.
Well, that would be checking for noise. Distortion comes along with the signal. But as the review measurements show , that is incredibly low with this device.


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Jul 21, 2018
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Any reason I'm missing to want to upgrade from it in the future - in your opinion?

The unit becoming defective, lacking needed functionality or connectivity or the purchase of a very insensitive and/or unusually low impedance headphone that has to be played at loud volume comes to mind.
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Sep 8, 2022
I'm using the DX Pro+ with a 16ohm Planar IEMs (S12) constantly, with extreme EQ to shape their sound, obviously always on low gain, all works great for months now...
I'm a mixing & mastering engineer so not a noob, yet I have no idea how to understand the measurements of the DX3 Pro+ (and other measurements in general) in regards to distortion, glad I found this thread though perhaps you'd be kind enough to explain or link me.

I don't want to constantly bother with "is this combo ok..?" I'd appreciate understanding for myself, so I could make better purchase decisions that would suit my mostly IEM + Speakers needs. Am I dumb for thinking the 1/8 rule for output impedance is what made the DX3 Pro+ a good purchase? What's up with all of this distortion talk?

I'm highly perceptive just struggle to find good educational sources to make sense of technical measurements of hardware playback devices, so thank you all.

@solderdude @Jimbob54
I made the dumb mistake of not realizing that dx3 pro, and dx3 pro+ are separate products

The dx3 pro has output impedance of 10 ohms, while dx3 pro+ is 0.1 ohms
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