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Double post, please remove


Mar 29, 2024
Sorry for double post - please remove, now posted in right place..

Looking for most efficient but high quality way to....

a) move to native Qobuz high res streaming from my current squeezebox touch
b) Dirac or similar room correction to correct a couple of bass issues in my room. I don't want to correct anything above 200Hz.

Current system = SBT -- EE Minimax DAC --- VTL Preamp -- VTL Power Amp -- Martin Logan Speakers

Ideally would keep as much of current system as possible except the SqueezeBox Touch (this has to go!)

Perfect situation would be streamer with Dirac and digital outputs - but if not my EE DAC can go also.

The NAD C658 is closest option I've seen but doesn't have digital output and I'm not sure of it's DAC quality v my upgraded EE Minimax.

Budget around £1500 used - I never buy new.

Your thoughts and expertise are very welcome!
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