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DIY inspired Buchardt S400 – Crossover design


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Jun 5, 2020
8 ohm is standard, 4 ohm is for specific driver arrangements as necessary. Most amps don't like lower ohm ratings and thus the standard.
The Buchardt speakers use the 4 ohm drivers.

Thomas Rainer

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Jul 23, 2022
Dear all,

After hours of reading on the web and especially on the ASR forum, I’m finally decided to start designing my first DIY speakers.
Initially I wanted to start with a tower speakers but I reconsidered my plan by first trying to take experiance first with a 2 Way Bookshelf speaker.

This project will be not very original as I want to make an inspired version of the Buschardt audio S400.

In that regard, I was planning to use :
-SB17NBAC for the woofer ;
-SB26STAC for the tweeter with a 3D printed wave guide ;
-SB15SFCR for the passive radiator.

The woofer SB17NBAC as an Sd of 118cm² and a Xmax of 7.17mm (so 84.6cm^3 of displaced volume)
The passive radiator as a Sd of 178cm² and à Xmax of 11mm (so 195.8cm^3 of displaced volume)
So the passive radiator can displaced 2.3 time the air volume of the woofer which looks in the rules.

I was planning to use a 18L box and tried to simulate that in WinISD and it look like I could obtain a 50hz low at -3db.
So first, what do you think of this driver selection ?

Then come the hard part for me as I have no skills in crossover design and I know it have a huge rôle in the final result (I only know how to read a crossover schematic and good at welding components)
By looking at the frequency response of the drivers, I was thinking of using a crossover point somwhere beetween 1500 and 1800hz.
View attachment 199150
View attachment 199151

This leads me to ask you few questions :
-How do you select the nominal speakers impedance as the woofer is available in 4 and 8 ohm ?
-Does a generic crossover always lead to a bad result ?
-Is there any active crossover module that can be used with numerical output for 2 FDA « budget » amplifier ? ;
-Othrewise, where to start from and which software do you recommand for passive crossover design ? (Go back to school is an acceptable answer ;-) ;

I also plan to order a UMIK-1 as I know it will be necessary to adjust parameters in every cases.

Thanks !
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