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Dirac Wishlist


Senior Member
Oct 30, 2020
I have a DDRC-24 from mini DSP and it's using Dirac 3.1.1

Now before you say "bring up this at miniDSP forum" and such, I figured it would be best to compile a bigger user request list before going to them. and if no one else has suggestions then that's cool too.

Here is what I wish they would have so far:

1. Disable auto-delay settings on inputs. Dirac gets this wrong for me all the time and there is no good way to bypass it that I know of. If you know a way then please let me know.

2. Flatness target curve. If I am going to run Dirac I would like to see the different results with different flatness curve.

3. Disable "boosts". I would like to run Dirac full range but without it boosting anything.

As of now I see Dirac as a toy that gets bad results because of these issues. Simple addictions however would make it much more adaptable.
And yes, I know, MANY people love their Dirac, that's great, I am just speaking of my results.
I have good working knowledge of all things DSP having worked with Peavey and the Nion systems besides miniDSP stuff.
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