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Dirac live is off but setting chnages not making a difference. Room sounds right heavy.


May 4, 2023
I have built a custom room for my theater. 13ft wide 15ft long 6.8ft ceiling after sound proofing.. Small room to start with just got smaller once i sound proofed it. Avr is a integra drx 8.4 with a custom anthem mca50 running the front 3 speakers. Full klipsch setup. Rp-8000f gen 1 towers with a rp-504c gen 1 center. 7.2.4 build. Two stereo integrity 15's in the rear off a crown xls 2002, psa audio dual 15 up front. The sound is right heavy. I have run dirac 3 times with wide focus option for more seats. After calibration seems like lack of bass and lack of mid range from the front. I go in to level control in the avr after and check the level output with rew and the umik-1 to find spl differences between speakers at my listening position to be off by like 8db from some speakers. I have tried setting the all to 80 dB with subs at 83 dB sounds right heavy still and boring. I have tried setting everything at 84 dB and still the same. I tried using the harmon curve +6 dB file and yes some more bass but still I have the other problems and I don't like how the bass comes on. Seems like no bass after 50hz. Under 50hz crazy amount of bass. Good for movies bad for music. Music always sounds off like missing aound and right heavy. Is there a way to override dirac time delays but still use dirac? Or correct this dirac problem?
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