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Digital out of Asus Xonar STX (not II) ok or not so much?


Apr 5, 2022
Hello, trying to understand if the details listed here as far as the digital out of this sound card are decent for 44.1 use (most of my music is ripped WAV @44.1). I'm feeding an old DAC that does not have USB input. I mean to me it sounds good but I'm wondering if I'm just used to old and terrible at this point or if its fine. I'm using JRiver as playback and the Asus driver is set to the ASIO one in JRiver settings. I'm using an older Ramsa Pro amp for amplification. Any input welcome and thank you again :)

From the link above:

Word-clock jitter in the STX's TosLink S/PDIF output, measured directly with the AP SYS2722 and a 44.1kHz datastream, was low at 1.48 nanoseconds, which is close to the system's resolution limit. Jitter in the analog output, assessed with the Miller Audio Research analyzer, was very low at 170 picoseconds left and 186ps right. However, this was mainly due to the Miller Analyzer's own noise floor obscuring the picture. (The National Instruments PCI card on which the Analyzer is based uses 16-bit A/D converters.) Graphed with the Audio Precision SYS2722, which has 24-bit converters, a number of sideband pairs can be seen (fig.10); only the highest in level, at ±1.63 and ±3.26kHz, were acknowledged by the Miller Analyzer.


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Mar 9, 2022
I'm using a Asus Xonar SE soundcard in my pc which seems to be slightly worse regarding its technical specification. For me there are currently three options for music playback, source material is always Deezer FLAC (16 bit, 44,1 kHz), digital volume of computer and Yamaha WXC-50 set to 100%:
1) computer -> Asus Xonar SE: TosLink-out -> Yamaha WXC-50: Toslink-in, digital coax-out -> speaker
2) MusicCast on Yamaha WXC-50: digital coax-out -> speaker
3) Bluetooth connection to Yamaha WXC-50: digital coax-out -> speaker

I mean to me it sounds good but I'm wondering if I'm just used to old and terrible at this point or if its fine.
Would be interesting to have some confirmation if there are audible quality differences in TosLink-outputs. I'm afraid, I don't hear a difference at all between the options above, although at least bluetooth should be inferior? :rolleyes: Certainly Youtube and Soundcloud (free) are not on par with FLAC, at least that's what my ears tell me ...
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