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Desktop speakers mainly for gaming and listening to music



Dec 20, 2021
Just set up the Elacs DBR 62 and Loxjie A30.
Bought the K&M 26772 stands which I might sent back and replace by ISO 155. K&M are great. They don't use a lot of space and I could put something under the speakers if needed but the stands do swing like crazy when I induce vibrations by gently pushing vertically on the speakers.

Power of the Loxjie A30 is far enough. Don't understand why some people suggest powerful amp for the Elacs. When sitting at my desk, volume is set to 10-20, depending on the mood and what I do. Rarely 25.
30 really hurts my ears. 30 is what I choose when I do weight lifting about 3m away from the speakers.
I have always hated clubs, never used headphones or in ears. Maybe I conserved my hearing too well. :D

Room size is 40m² and partially 5m high.

Can't hear any hiss, too. Only when I put my ear directly on the tweeter grill, I hear a noise.

So far, perfect choice I would say. My hearing is not really trained or used to Hifi but right know I can't see how this should get any better. This solution is super cheap and great.

I put my PC right on top of the A30. Hope this won't cause heat issues but taking in mind I never put the amp anywhere near to its maximum power, I personally decided that this won't be an issue.



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May 27, 2021
Power of the Loxjie A30 is far enough. Don't understand why some people suggest powerful amp for the Elacs.
All reviews stated the same = exceptionally good speakers, which might require powerful amp to be driven. Two reviews stated about the same statement regarding this:

Citation "However, note the area I have circled. Impedance is high at about 8 ohms but the phase angle is quite acute at nearly 50 degrees. This means the speaker will ask for current when the output voltage is very low. So you better have a beefy amplifier to drive this speaker."


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Jan 22, 2022
Reflection surface of screen. I used to toe in my speaker when I was in audiophile setup. Now I'm in desktop setup, I found my toe in method doesn't work. Some peak frequency in treble, mid and base. I listen in 85 db level and having 90 db peaks sometimes. In my current setup, both my studio monitor are close to the iMac and no toe in. Peak frequency reduced.
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