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Denafrips ARES II USB R2R DAC Review


Jan 7, 2019
I own this dac...boy would a remote control be nice to play with settings/features while sitting in mlp.

also, when I pulled up this review under link of all dac reviews it says not recommended by amirm. I use mine with coax...would be nice to see reviews with usb and spdif results.


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Apr 11, 2020
Southeastern U.S.
No. What makes them sound different is your brain. The DACS will all sound the same regardless of want preamp you use. It’s psychoacoustics. It’s also possible they aren’t level matched and your brain interpreting a louder volume as sounding better. Heck, the brain is so indesisive when it comes to music, it might actually think the less loud one sounds better!

This is absolute hogwash. There are practical reasons to have a preamp between the dac and the an easy way to control volume for one. But adding one isn’t going to make it more “musical” that is once again psychoacoustics at work. You are imagining that your music sounds better.

Given that rationale, the sound of a tube preamp should be indistinguishable from a solid state preamp. Throw out SINAD, IMD and all the other measurements.

No; well-designed analog sections can be as meaningful to sonic output as the digital section. But, well-designed does not have to mean expensive.
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