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DAW vs Equalizer APO for Active Crossover


New Member
Apr 7, 2020
I'm currently using a 2x4 miniDSP. I'd like to upgrade to something with 5 or more channels to allow me to go full active (2-way bookshelfs + sub). I'm considering just re-purposing an unused laptop with USB multi-channel DAC for this purpose, this would allow me to select or upgrade the DAC to suit my needs. I understand how to use Equalizer APO for this, what about a DAW software such as Reaper or Cakewalk? Any pro/con to Eq. APO vs DAW? I would likely be implementing some FIR filters, so convolution is needed.

Anyone have experience with both?

*All sources would be digital (Spotify streaming from PC, or foobar)
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