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DAC Upgrade Insecurities and Questions

Dec 2, 2017
@Sylafari - Will be very interested to hear any more of your impressions. Not many ADI-2 DAC in the wild yet, and I'm also looking to get one...
Feb 7, 2018
It's here!

It is a lot smaller and a lot lighter than I thought it would be (weighs only 2.2 lbs less than half of the Bifrost). It is made of folded steel instead of aluminum (not used to products this expensive being made of just folded steel but I suppose it gets the job done).

So far all I really notice is how intelligent the device is. Plug in RCA and it goes Line Out, take out the cables plug in a headphone or IEM and it goes to headphone mode and than if you pull out the headphone later it automatically switches to Line Out again. Also has a very nice feature where when you plug in the headphones it slowly ramps up the volume for the first few seconds just in case the volume was set too high before.

Has a ton of features (filters, EQ, Crossfeed, Loudness, etc.) and to be honest it is a bit overwhelming at first but so far through reading the instruction manual, its fairly straightforward once you do it a few times. The IEM socket is also whisper silent, lets me plug in Campfire Andromeda IEMs with no hiss, which has never happened before. It can also record audio (PCM and even DSD!) via the USB from SPDIF.

Oh yeah, as for what sounds different, I don't know but all I know is it doesn't sound worse. :)

Sounds like a heck of unit. One question for you though can it be used as a pre-amp for powered monitors?

Purité Audio

Major Contributor
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Feb 29, 2016
Yes it can, I use it to send a digital signal to my 8Cs, and you can also attenuate volume, it is a very neat unit.

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