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DAC, DAC ..goose!


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Feb 17, 2019
Melbourne, Australia
Are there any benefits in using USB vs. 3.5mm stereo jack output on a laptop?? I guess USB is digital and 3.5mm stereo jack would be analog ..is that correct?
I bought the same D30 DAC because I wanted to connect my old PC with tons of music files to my bedroom stereo and get CD quality sound, I could have used the onboard DAC in the PC with the line out (3.5mm stereo jack), but tried it and it sounded awful. Using the D30 via USB is a major step up.


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Nov 4, 2018
Fake capacitors? I have one, and I can assure you that it sounds very good. As good as any other competently designed DAC. Audiophile superstitions are unhealthy both for one's mind and one's wallet. ;)
@sonci I never received a response to this. I need some explanations. The fake capacitors and the bad sound etc.
Jan 29, 2019
The pure direct feature on AVR's and receivers is there to pacify the audiophile mind. I read an article some years back by a self proclaimed expert that rate the sound quality of AVR's based on the scale of the IC"s in it. The newer it was, the more functionality was combined on large scale chips, the poorer it had to sound. So as technology marches forward sound gets worse and worse because everyone "knows" that discrete circuits always sound better. My experience is the opposite. New AVR's have very powerful DSP engines that sound better than ever and can do really cool stuff. The pure direct mode on my Yamaha AVR says it plays back the selected source with the least amount of circuitry. I assume that means analog sources stay analog all the way through instead of being converted to digital for the DSP room correction and stuff, and digital sources only get D/A converted an also bypass the DSP. I never use it. I paid all that money to use that stuff. If I want pure direct, I turn it off and use something else. Funny that. I had a friend over once listening to some music. The Marantz AVR I had then was on but my amp was being fed by a DAC into a preamp. The AVR wasn't in the circuit at all. The friend asked if it had some sort of pure direct mode we could use. He reads the magazines, that's what your supposed to use. All the reviews say it sounds better. I just smiled. Sure it does, we've bypassed the whole thing.
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