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D-Sonic M3a-4000-7 Seven Channel Amplifier

Feb 28, 2020
Mint D-Sonic amplifier from my theater.
800w @ 8ohms x 3 for the Left, Center, and Right channels
400w @ 8ohms x 4 for the surround channels
Comes with all originally packaging and 20 amp power cord with standard wall plug.
Included as well is a D-Sonic rackmount shelf.
$3000 + split shipping costs

Per D-Sonic:
The D-Sonic M3a-4000-7 represents the sonic state of the art in multi-channel amplifier design. Featuring very powerful, high fidelity Class D modules fed by a best-in-class proprietary input circuit, the M3a-4000-7 is an impressively dynamic home theater amplifier. Owners can enjoy 800W of power for their left, right and center channels with vanishingly low distortion, iron-tight bass control and realistic soundstage, while still reserving 400W for each of the four surround channels.
All 3-7channel units have 12VDC trigger circuits to allow standby, low energy dissipation when not in use.
Manual, front panel shutoff is standard for ultimate safety and zero energy loss.
Dimensions: 17.5”W x 18.5”D x 5.0”H. Add .63″ to height for standard feet, .25″ for rack mount feet.
Weight: 52.00 LBS
Power: 3 x 800W / 4 x 400W / 8Ω



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