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D-SONIC Amplifiers M3a-6100-7 Seven Channel Amplifier / M3a-1500M Mono Amplifier


Sep 15, 2020
Dear Audiophiles,

M3a-6100-7 Seven Channel Amplifier | D Sonic (d-sonic.com)

M3a-1500M Mono Amplifier (Per Channel) | D Sonic (d-sonic.com)

I am considering to buy D-SONIC Amplifiers M3a-6100-7 Seven Channel Amplifier / M3a-1500M Mono Amplifiers. Have anyone tried these amps? Have anyone measured these amps? How do they sound compared to Class AB. I own a pair of Revel Salon2 and have been using Krell Eve 600E monoblocks and now using Mark Levinson ML436. But I have always been a person to change amps and see whether it can adapt to my listening style. So far, Krell EVO 600E has been a best match with Revel Salon2 next to Mark Levinson ML532H. I preferred ML 532H sound but after pairing up with Krell EVO 600E, I preferred Krell with Revel combinations. Not all Krell match with Revels. The sound stage was huge, more detailed and slightly on the warmer side and not completely warmer and it also provides body to the Music and never heard anything before as such combinations so far. Since I have sold Krell Evo 600E as I am scared of bearing any repair cost that may come in the future, downgraded to ML 436 and I am ok with the sound but not fully satisfied with ML 436 as the Body to the music is missing. But the tonality is fine and matching with revels salon 2 tonality and can reproduce what Revels salon2 can bring out to you. But still cant bring back what I have heard with the combination of Revel Salon2 and Krell EVO600E.

I may try to change the speaker cables to higher guage and see whether it adds some more body to the music with ML436 or not. I have tested with ML532H but lost the vocal and become narrow Cause it delivers only 300W @ 8Ohms and 450 @ 4ohms. So I stayed with 10AWG cables instead of 4 AWG. But the Krell EVO600E (600W @8ohms, 1200w @ 4 ohms) was even better when I changed to 4AWG OFC copper cables. So what I realised is that the Power headroom actually provides better better vocality and body to the music when the speaker cables are thicker and also realised that we cant use thicker cables when the power is not much head room to play around. So it depends on AMP power output Vs Speaker sensitivity.

So I am thinking that higher headroom in the Krell Evo 600E had helped to bring out the body to the music. So thinking if I use a D-Sonic M3a-6100 or M3a-1500M which has 1500W @ 8ohms, 2200W @4ohms, hoping to get some body out of the music and vocality, tonality, imaging.

I used Bel Canto Ref 1000 MK2 before and they sounded very thin with Revel Salon2 they are class D too. So I just thought of bringing this to your kind attention and see whether you have tried D-Sonic amps before and how do they sound? I also hear from D-Sonic support team that they are of wonderful matching with Revel Salon2 speakers.

On a side note, I dont prefer to use subs when I use Revel Salon2 for stereo listening as I love the full range ability of Salon2. for my HT set up I use 25KW of subs (4 x Tymphany Peerless STW 350 drivers + 2 x Orisun DD12 Plus) but stereo I prefer just an Full range speaker.

I also use Doge 7 Clarity DAC which sounds very analogue and holographic in sound signature.

I also see that Apollon PNC2K also one of the best class D amp in the market now. Have anyone tried it?

New tab (apollonaudio.com)


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Feb 18, 2022
I purchased the D-Sonic M3a-2800-7 in Oct 2021 and have been enjoying it ever since. Very transparent. Very powerful. No issues and does exactly what it’s intended. I have owned amps in the past that were a touch on the warm side and ones that were so flat they sounded sterile. But the D-Sonic is pleasantly neutral in my opinion and supplements the tone of my speakers in an enjoyable way. I chatted with the owner of D-Sonic during the process and he was very friendly and answered all my knucklehead questions. I do not consider myself an expert in the industry just an enthusiast that knows what sounds good to me. If you are considering D-Sonic I would say go for it. Not for the faint of wallet but worth every penny. It gives me more headroom than I can handle and my ears give out way before my set-up does. Adding the D-Sonic brought my audio to life in a way I had never experienced before. It‘s alive!
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