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Connect wire shield to only one side

It depends upon the common-mode voltage and bias circuitry of the transmitter and the receiving circuitry. Professional audio components often include the provision for lifting the ground at one or both end(s), and/or are active devices with defined common-mode reference or transformer coupled with a ground reference being the transformer's center tap (at either or both ends). I cannot recall damaging a receiver in decades but have not been doing pro audio stuff for many years, and when I did blow a receiver it was due to unexpected (and undesirable) application of phantom power.
However, I am afraid that many here still do not understand why the balanced line MUST have the shield connected at both sides. I am not talking about improper implementations that need a ground lift switch. Explained in the images below.



Floating voltage has 50Hz frequency, signal voltage has 1kHz frequency. See the saturation. This is a better case, damage may occur as well.
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