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Configuring a new set: currently owned gear + addons + upgrade options


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Nov 20, 2020
I’m moving my work desk to a new room where I have space for speakers on my desk and a subwoofer in the room.
Now I’m trying to figure out how I can best use my current gear, what to add to complete the set-up and how that would all work when I want to upgrade some things.

What I already have:
  • digital sources (laptop, (sa)cd/dvda player, BT audio devices)
  • Topping DX3 pro V2 (currently used in DAC mode)
  • Topping A50s (HP amp)
  • Hypex FA252 (plate amp)
  • CSS Trio12 (DIY passive subwoofer)
  • SB Acoustics Bromo (DIY passive speakers WIP)
  • headphones/IEMs (several)

What I want to add to complete the set:
  • MiniDSP Flex Digital with Dirac Live plug-in
  • Audiophonics MPA-S250NC (Balanced inputs = see possible upgrades)

The plan:
Digital source -> Flex Digital =>
SPDIF 1 -> Topping DX3 pro -> analog passive switch -> speaker amp/Topping A50s -> speakers/HP
SPDIF 2 -> FA252 -> subwoofer

This way I can configure the Flex for speaker listening and for HP listening. DA conversion is kept until the latest possible moment.

An alternative option I could go for, is to not use my current passive speakers and not get an amp for them but get a pair of active nearfield speakers.
The main reason for this would be that the passive speakers I’m building are not designed for near field listening and I’m a bit worried that I will end up with a dissatisfying result and have spent good money on an amp I will not need.

Possible upgrades:
  • Replace the DAC with a DAC with balanced outputs (in case of ground loops) (Topping E50)
  • Replace HP amp with one that has balanced inputs (in case of ground loops) (Topping L50 => this would also make the passive switch obsolete)
  • I could later also replace the sub with an (or 2 ) active subwoofer(s) with digital input

Am I missing something?
Any alternatives for the Flex Digital that you prefer?
What about the speaker amp?
Any better ideas for upgrades?
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