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comfortable headphones + mods for comfort


Feb 14, 2023
hey guys,

curious on what people find are the best headphones for long listening sessions (just physical fit alone)
personally, some of the headphones touted by reviewers as comfortable like grados and hd800s don't really do it for me. hd800s are not horrible, but they clamp on my jaw and after a few hours i get a little fatigued. grados are just horrible.

the best headphones I have for comfort are my hd700 and dan clark aeon closed (with dekoni pads). the hd700s have just the right amount of clamp, and the D shaped pads are not so large that they clamp on my jaw.

messing with some mods:

he350 headband on grados - these make them actually usable, but it was a pretty big hassle to do, and I'm unsure if you can get these headbands easily.
pictured below: ms1 with alu distancer mod, g pads.
grado with hifiman 350 band.jpeg

dekoni pads (velour): these are really nice, and lasts a while longer than stock Sennheiser pads. using them on my hd6xx for about a year now, no sign of it flattening or turning sticky (stock pad users will know). breathes well, and is great if you live in a hot country.

dekoni pads (sheepskin): they look really good, and feel premium. really soft padding inside, but seems to last. using a pair on my dan clark aeon flow for about 7 months, still soft, and looks new. but they don't let your ears breathe all that well, so don't get these if heat is a problem.
note: the stock adhesive is really weak on the dekonis, and my pair peeled off within a week of use. but dekoni warranty sent over a few sets of 3m adhesive, and they work perfect. no idea why they don't use these straight out of the box.

dekoni nuggets: tried some on my hd800s, didn't help with jaw fatigue. didn't have any issues with headband discomfort on the stock headband, so can't comment but it didn't make it worse. removed them after a while, because they look horrible and seems to collect dust.

another thing, if you have longer hair, some headbands tend to grab on your hair and pull on them if you adjust the headphones while on your head. my hd6xx does this very often, and is probably the biggest gripe i have with them.


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Aug 15, 2020
the hd700s have just the right amount of clamp, and the D shaped pads are not so large that they clamp on my jaw.

This is just me as well, but the HD700 have left a lasting memory on me as one of the nicest pairs of headphones to wear I've ever come across, minus the two-sided cable entry and the cable itself.

For closed backs I prefer the QC35/QC45 from Bose.
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