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CLOSED: Topping A30 Pro/D30 Pro System

Dr Soot

Forum Donor
May 17, 2021
Washington, DC
Hello, for sale is an essentially brand new Topping A30 Pro A Balanced Amplifier and a Topping D30 Pro Balanced DAC. I purchased this system recently and it is beautiful and works perfectly. But I cannot tell the difference between this system an a $100 DAC/AMP combo. So I feel bad having so much invested in a system I cannot appreciate. These two pieces will come complete as if new and I am including a pair of Mogami/Neutrik Balanced cables, so you are literally ready to go out of the box(es). This system retails for $750, $50 more for the cables. While not pictured, all packaging and associated cables/booklets, etc. will be included. Like I said, essentially new.

Some specs:
A30 Pro Amplifier
APX555B limited our measurement again
The THD+N of A30Pro is no higher than 0.00006%,which means the A30Pro accurately restores 99. 9994% of the
original sound, what you get is what you input. Because noise of A30Pro is low enough, so APX555B limits the noise
measurement of it, resulting in the need to amplify the noise of A30Pro by 100 times for indirect measurement.

4PIN XLR+4.4mm+6.35mm output
Since then, buying headphones does not have to consider whether the plug matches the headphone amplifier,
because the A30Pro already provides you all in a compact body, including 4-PIN-XLR,4.4mm,6.35mm.

SE + BAL input pass through
When shutting down, the input signal is directly output to RCA or TRS without amplification,
which will be more suitable for active speakers/monitor speakers when the DAC has pre-amplifier functions.
Even better is when used with D30Pro, the excellent noise performance of D30Pro is not wasted.

Dimension: 17.4cmx13.8cmx4.5cm
Weight: 870g
Power: 100-240VAC 50Hz/60Hz
Gain: L/M/H
Amplifier inputs: 1 xXLR (L+R) / 1 xRCA (L+R)
Headphone Amplifier outputs :
1 X 6.35mm headphone output jack
1 X XLR headphone output jack
1 X 4.4mm headphone output jack,
Pass through outputs: 1x6.35mm TRS(L+R)/1xRCA (L+R)
Power consumption: <9.0W

D30 Pro


USB IN: PCM 44. 1 kHz-384kHz/16bit-32bit
DSD DSD64-DSD256 (Native)、DSD64-DSD128 (Dop)

COAX/OPT IN: PCM 44. 1 kHz-192kHz/16bit-24bit
DSD DSD64(Dop)

D30 pro Decoding parameters (USB [email protected])

[email protected]: <0.0001%@1kHz
[email protected] 45kBw: <0.0004%@20-20kHz
[email protected]: [email protected]
Dynamic [email protected]: 127dB @1kHz
Frequency Response:20Hz-20kHz(+0.1dB)
Output Voltage: [email protected]
Noise @A-wt: < 0.9uVrms
Crosstalk: [email protected]
Output Impedance: 20Ω

[email protected]: <0.00009% @1kHz
[email protected] 45kBw: <0.0004 % @20-20kHz
[email protected]: [email protected]
Dynamic [email protected]: [email protected]
Frequency Response:20Hz-20kHz(+0.1dB)
Output Voltage: [email protected]
Noise @A-wt: < 1.1uVrms
Crosstalk: [email protected]
Output Impedance: 40Ω

PS-Happy to take better photos, there isn't a single blemish on the whole system. I suck at photography, so I will do my best if you want more photos. There is a smudge on the DAC in one photo, but that is dust.

I am asking $700 for the set, shipped, insured and PayPal'ed.

What you see in these photos is what is for sale, nothing more and nothing less.

Prices is reasonably firm, but, that doesn’t mean I don’t welcome offers.

I am located in the US and I will ship, free of charge, to anywhere in the CONUS. Outside the CONUS will be at cost.

I accept PayPal Goods and Services and I eat the fees, so the price you see listed is the price you send me upon making a deal.

I will ship as soon as the funds clear.

I have a few transactions over on Reddit in the r/AVexchnage as u/Dr-Soot, but I have over 600 perfect transactions on eBay under the name cubanchem.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

Thanks! Dr-Soot


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