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Class A vs AB -- Do They Really Sound Different?


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Jan 15, 2020
I'm not shipping 27.5kg of amplifier from Australia to the US and back again! And, it's not like I could give/sell it someone over there, it's a 220/240V model. And, I have the CD-12/DA-12LE player/dac and matching tuner. It's a set. Not that I use it. :facepalm:

I can do whatever tests here anyone wants to see, just not with an AP.

I'm curious to see if you have all of that power supply leakage that Amir had with the PM-90 or if that's the consequence of the Variac/lab supply? If you do have power supply noise, and you have any sort of line conditioner, it would be interesting to see if that reduces it. (I know what you mean about having gear that's not used... )
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