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CHORD Hugo TT2 Review (DAC & HP Amp)

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May 20, 2020
I had one of the most disappointing audio experiences ever recently. I attended CanJam SoCal 2022. Towards the end of the show I spotted a TH900 connected to a TT2. Both of which I was always curious to try. TH900 is a known bass cannon. TT2 owners always talking about how 'special' the sound is......I started by playing a couple familiar tracks. take the headphones off...confused. Not good bass and thin sounding. Maybe something is wrong with the headphones. I look them over, stock pads, look new. Hmmmm. I plug in my 7 hz Timeless to make sure something is not 'wrong' with the TT2. Timeless sounds 'good' on the TT2, though not even .01% better than from my Qudelix 5K. I plug in a Focal Celestee, sounds good, but again, bass is weird and sound is thin. Celestee is kind of a thick and not at all thin sounding headphone. If this is the Chord 'special sound'- no thank you. I actually preferred the Mojo 2. It sounded good and normal. I will have to try the TH900 another time on another better piece of equipment. Which to my ears, means almost anything. The Chord products are beautiful, Inlove the look and feel of them. But I am a music lover and for the kind of money they are charging, these products should not lack bass energy or note weight and sound so thin.

So I get up to leave the table and the guy says "what do you think?" I reply "that Chord gear really is something". He says "yep that M scaler really adds some magic!"

I had not even realized that it was connected to an M Scaler! I was listening to a $12k+ set up and it was mediocre. From now on whenever someone says they own Chord Gear, I will have to giggle a little and mutter 'sucker' under my breath. (unless it is the Mojo or Mojo 2. Those are good portable devices).


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Jan 9, 2019
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