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Can you get Spotify "Very High Quality" Through a Streamer/non Spotify Inc App?


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May 26, 2021
Portland, Oregon
Per Spotify, you cannot adjust their "music quality" through their web interface. Also, looking at their Web API there is no way to adjust audio quality if you roll your own app. As far as I have found, their default is a paltry 96 kbp/s.
(e.g. https://getconcertmaster.com/ is a nice web app for playing classical music on Spotify, but the sound quality is stifled).

Through Spotify's own apps - for desktop/laptop or phone, you can adjust the "music quality" setting to "Very High" (aka 320kbp/s) assuming you have a 'premium' level account.

SO I'm wondering, if you use Spotify through any device other than through their own apps - e.g. a streaming device or smart TV app or ?, are you stuck with 96kbp/s?

Or, is their some public API that lets 3rd parties get that higher quality? Maybe they share it with companies like Roon that (I assume) would pay a licensing fee?


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Nov 15, 2018
I think the endpoint tells Spotify what resolution to send. On Volumio (Raspberry Pi streaming software), the plug-in for Spotify Connect has a user selectable setting of 96, 160, 320. It is free software so there is no licensing fee involved.

By the way, Roon doesn't support Spotify (or more accurately, Spotify won't allow it).
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