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Can Dirac make things worst ?

Apr 8, 2019
OP - I found that all room correction needs good placement and stuff to begin with. Move them around until they are level matched with a ratshack meter is a good starter. Check your wiring/config and make sure nothing else is doing any config like a receiver with levels/distance or some other device.

Try a few different filters - you can save and load at will. I tend to save "full dirac" "dirac to my highest cut that needs to be made" "diarc to 300 or 500" I like the Dirac to 1000 on my system, I definitely do not like full dirac which boosts the heck out of my super high treble, I do have a curve which naturally falls off with the tweeters that sounds great. You can limit the correction by removing orange set points, dragging the right side of the entire graph down to like 500. If it wont go far enough you need to delete a set point in the way.

I dont think dirac will fix a room that is 50db spread across with phase issues on its own...neither will REW. I do like REW to Roon with just cuts, but Dirac is a lot easier to deal with and tweak curves, load them up...and unless I charge myself less than $1/hour - Dirac is a lot cheaper than REW.


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Nov 18, 2018
As RayDunzl correctly pointed out PappyBlue is not measuring what Dirac Live is measuring... he is measuring the sum-response which is not controlled in Dirac Live, and the “issue” here is the cancellation.
Using REW and rePhase as suggested by daftcombo is a possibility but not exactly stupid simple for most users...
the good news are that we are most likely going to address this very issue in the upcoming bass management upgrade for Dirac Live 2.x
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