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Building a streamer amplifier using TAS3251EVM + raspberry Pi


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Aug 5, 2021
Hello audio experts,

Lovely to join this group! Kudos to @amirm for putting together this excellent website. Certainly an audio nerds' paradise!

While there are innumerable off the shelf options out there for streamers, I still have a bug to build my own with what I think is a very promising TAS3251EVM. I see that it has an integrated DAC and can be potentially configured from a small computer like a Raspberry Pi.


I was wondering if anyone has tried this and generally how difficult is it would to be make it work with either something like Volumio or write my own client.

My current use case is to simply just run a Spotify client on the Raspberry pi and stream music to I2S to this DAC+AMP combination.

For background, back in the day - I have designed a few mixed signal products, written control firmware, have good enough experience with writing linux scripts. But this would be a first one for Audio.

1- curious to hear if anyone has tried this already and their experiences.
2- generally, how difficult is it to write a linux module (on the lines of Volumio/Hifiberry) to stream audio from kernel to I2S to such DACs?
3- OR, pardon my naivety - Is there a generic I2S driver that works on Volumio or similar sort of players that will stream to any DAC supporting I2S?

Thanks and really appreciate your inputs!
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