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Buchardt A500 vs. JBL 4305P / KEF LS50II + Sub? Active Setup Recommendation


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May 11, 2022
Hey folks,

Audio newbie here, hopefully not stepping on any toes with this thread. Finally moving into a place of my own in a few months and am looking into an active 2.0 or 2.1 setup for Music/HT/Gaming. My living room space will be small / medium-small so ease of use and minimal footprint are fairly important factors for me.

Not trying to fuss about too much with component matching and not too concerned about upgradeability for the time being - which is why I'm going active.

Really just wondering if there's anything better in terms of value and ease of use than the A500 + room correction using the Platin Hub. (To be clear I'd be buying B-stock so my budget is roughly around $3,500 - $4,000 USD)

The obvious alternatives I've seen being tossed around are the LS50 IIs and the newly released JBL 4305P which are both around $2200 at the moment, which I'd then pair with a sub. Off the top of my head candidates for subwoofers are Rel T/7xs, KEF KC62s, or something from Rhythmik. Probably worth noting that I live in Taiwan so international shipping or dealership availability is a constraining factor as well.

Wondering if anyone has any thoughts or recommendations? I know Erin has only just put out a review for the 4305P yesterday which I watched but I don't have the requisite knowledge to contextualize his findings in the broader speaker performance landscape. Thanks in advance! Looking forward to hearing what people think - especially since active solutions seem to be growing in popularity - hopefully the discussion here could help other people in a similar situation down the road.
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