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Broken knobs and mismatched channels: Is quality control getting worse?


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Apr 14, 2020
I was perusing my favorite lifestyle publication, Stereophile, and I noticed that the first two reviews on their site got subjective kudos from their reviewers (shocker), but it was noted in both cases that various portions of the equipment were either falling off or not performing up to spec. (see note 1, below)

Both pieces of equipment I referenced (note 1, below) are from small volume, boutique companies, where we'd probably expect to see more issues than with high volume, mass production electronics. And this is indeed the case: we see IMPROVING quality control from the Chineseium vendors, at least judging by the bulk of comments here.

Overall, the modern, DAC-oriented (i.e., smaller boxes than we had in the 1970s) vendors seem to work hard to come up the QC curve. Schitt is a great example. When they began, they were their name. Now, they make decent stuff.

So my question is: What have your recent QC (quality control) experiences been like? Do you more problems? Fewer?

Modern equipment is more disposable than ever -- cause it's hard to repair -- but it seems to be getting better than it's ever been, reliability wise. Agree? Disagree?

Note 1: For the Fern & Roby Amp No. 2 integrated amplifier, the volume control knob was loose in the box and was intermittent once reattached it. The amp also had a 1.3 dB channel mismatch. For the Vitus RI-101 Mk.II streaming integrated amplifier , one channel was not working correctly out of the box, purportedly damaged during shipping.
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