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Bookshelf speaker horizontal how much compromise.....


May 20, 2024
First post and long time reader of the forum. I am after some advice...

I have been trying to find a solution to a compromised LCR setup as part of 5.1.2 system to enjoy better than soundbar quality for movies. The initial instigator was so I could use my hifi setups sub a svs sb2000pro for movies. The LCR solution would sit between the sideboard and the tv as shown in the attached pic.

I had settled on 3 x centre's in a array as the best compromise of a compromised situation. However most are just too high and deep so really dominant the sideboard. I have looked at the dimensions of well over 50 centres I reckon. The Q accoustic 3090ci seemed best fit however I was really hoping to try and get better performing centre and little more mid bass so I don't need to run the sub crossover too high.

I can get b & w htm6 s2 centre at basically half price and same for the 607 s2. On their side, their 160mm width matches nicely with the centre and their depth is more minimal as well, reducing bulk. The boosted treble should help as audyssey has picked a null in the highs. I am not ordinarily a fan of b&w but feel here this perhaps one of the only solutions.

Anyway I have done lots of reading on bookshelf speakers horizontal and have had a look at the dispersion charts in the review on the 607 as well as the attached diagram regarding lobing previously shared on here. Although a compromise, my question is if sitting basically on axis or close to, is it really going to be that bad for movies? I have seperate hifi set up in another position.

PS: reason why there is two speakers in the photos on their side is because it is a temporary measure(they're as my rear surrounds) I had bought a used def tech passive soundbar which was damaged in transit and I wanted to at least experience the system in the meantime.



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You may be, probably are, much better off using a pair of vertical speakers positioned correctly on either side of the tv and a phantom (ie, no) center if you can’t fit one with good consistent off axis dispersion.

Except for some coaxial speakers like KEF laying a speaker on its side is a recipe for disappointment.
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Yeah have done a lot of research and kef on their sides are the pick. Not sure I'll even worry about a centre as they're going to be so close together.
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