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Blind test your speaker cables vs...


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Feb 7, 2020
Nop test, blind test. Buy a 50 m , 164 ft lamp cord , thin installation cable in that case. Sooner or later you will hear a difference. The only question is when? That's what I'm interested in.:)

...100 m..150 m..(ok then maybe it will be a bit too much money for a small blind test, should be added). :)
Worked for Monster in their phony demos once upon a time, took quite a length of the thinner stuff, tho....


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Oct 10, 2020
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You just buy nice thick ones (low resistance) and forget. No need for blind tests.
Speaker cables I already have::)

BUT if I don't hear a difference I could use a pair of thin cables instead as it will make it easier to squeeze them behind the moldings in my living room, listening room.:)

There is a lot of unnecessary testing that we already know the results of. BUT it can have another huge advantage instead, for example:

The advantage of the test Amir did is to point out electrical safety. There is of course an abysmal difference between possibly, probably not at all, hearing any difference in speaker cables VS a gadget that has the potential to burn the house to the ground.Or even worse cause someone's death.
Amir regarding PS Audio Ultimate Outlet:

Dangerous! Avoid at all cost!!! Please, if you have one, put it aside or better yet, send it to be recycled/destroyed. Do not sell it to anyone. I am glad it is not on the market anymore or I would really lose my cool! And oh, even if it worked, just like a number of audio power tweaks I have tested, it does nothing for your audio equipment.

Needless to say, I cannot in any form or fashion recommend PS Audio Ultimate Outlet. Let's hope the company knows more about safe AC design now than it did then."
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