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Best section of Audio Science Review, to discuss a "Professional Speaker&StudioRooms+Headphone" Correction solution?


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Apr 1, 2019
I am an audio enthusiast. Always on the quest for excellent listening solutions.

I have tried audio room correction in the past, to improve the "quality" of my budget studio monitors - an Alesis M1 Mk2 pair.

Then after years of giving up on the fallacy of cheap audio, and fully expecting that I will have to spend a whole lot more, on much higher end speakers, and a well treated room (an opinion which I still think is true, cos physics is physics), I ran into an unexpected result, while trying out Sienna by Acustica Audio.

It's a headphone correction solution that gives you an emulation of listening in a professional studio environment, and also aims to correct your headphones (there are correction profiles for many of the most well known headphones used typically in high end audiophile or studio circles).

To the point, what's the ideal place on Audio Science Review to discuss this, cos it does not seem to fit into anything. It's not about the headphone, yet its not about speakers, and also not about audio interfaces, nor about acoustics, yet it covers the virtual simulation/correction of some of these.

Kindly advise, where should I post this discussion, on Audio Science Review.

And if you are one of the admin's reading this, please move the thread to the most appropriate section, that's fine by me, if that's possible.
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