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Best bluetooth headphones?

Oso Polar

Aug 7, 2021
How does the Qudelix 5k compare in size with a mobile phone? Do you use a shorter cable because you have somehow mounted this device near your head?? Or just in you pocket, like using a mobile phone with a headphone jack?
It is tiny (about the size of 9V battery) but much lighter. It may not be so obvious from the photos but Qudelix has a strong spring loaded clip, so I just clip it to clothes somewhere: to a pocket or somewhere in the chest area, depending what I'm wearing and doing. BTW, it has a microphone, so in theory it can be also used to talk, if clipped not too far away from the mouth - something which I never tried, so not sure how well this works in practice. Apart from Bluetooth multi-point, which it supports, it can also be connected simultaneously to USB and Bluetooth (e.g. listening music while working on laptop through wired connection to get maximum quality while still being able to answer phone calls, listen voice messages etc. without the need to take off headphones). Battery lasts many hours but it depends on the headphones, listening volume etc. With sensitive IEMs it seems that it can last days. :D Shorter cable because at home I use them most often with HD600 and they come with 10 ft cable or so which is hardly portable. Plus the cable I got is also balanced, so it can play louder with it. ;-)
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