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Jan 10, 2022
I'm looking put together a 4 channel TPA325x based amplifier for my car. Preferably a TPA3255 based solution. My only requirement is to have 4 channels.

Basically I as I understand there are 3 methods to approach this.....

1) Get a dedicated 4 channel board with 2 TPA3255 chips inside. Like this - Amplifier Board - AIYIMA B2D2205 - TPA3255
2) Get 2 AIYIMA A07 Boards boards and run them side by side, unsynced, each powered off a separate power supply
3) Get 2 TPA3255 boards that can be synced together (such as the 3e audio board - which is out of stock and I can't get a hold of!)

Here is the TPA325x Multi-Device Configuration document. Basically it says syncing 2 boards is important for power reasons and to avoid beat tones.

My main question is regarding the "Beat Interference or Beat Tones are audible tones that occur when slightly misaligned switching
frequencies interact to create another frequency." How bad is the effect really? I'm in a car anyways and won't be using time correction for my speakers so the sound is arriving a slightly different times anyways. Also it's not like I'm listening to pure sine waves! Can I get away with not syncing the boards?

Basically it comes down to buying 2 AIYIMA A07s (which I trust will be decent for a car based on reviews here) or buying a single 4 channel boards which hasn't been review at all, and has close to no support in forums (but it has multi-device configuration out of the factory, and is cheaper than getting 2 A07s.

As for the power supply, any of these solutions would use a basic 1500W DC-DC step up converter to turn 12V to 36V. I'm pretty sure these can handle 30A of current at 12V. That gives around (30*12)*0.8 (for efficiency) = 288W of usable power. I'm also aware of the Sure Electronics 500W PSU, they say it will do 500W (without stating voltages) from the photos I see a 20A fuse so I can only assume max power is limited to 12*20*0.8 = 192W. Here my only thought is, If I go for the 4channel board, can I even use 2 power supplys in parallel? Or will they interfere with each other? It seems like any one of these solutions will only be enough to power 2 channels.

I know there's lots of open-ended questions here but any advice is much appreciated!


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Apr 10, 2021
I am also looking at that 4 channel board, lets see if someone can answer your questions or give any feedback on it :)
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