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BeoVox 1200: DIY Passive to Active wireless Stereo Speaker set


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Nov 25, 2022
As an audio enthusiast, I like to use some creativity building speaker systems. But also using nice vintage audio products, upgrade them and extend their lifespan in a fun and useful way.

This time I took two speakers from the 60's: B&O BeoVox 1200. Traditionally built wooden casings, no top class but just nice speakers that fit well into many interiors because of acceptable size (W x H x D 50 x 20 x 24 cm) and nice natural wood looks

Originally, these are passive speakers, so they would need an external amplifier. But in this case I transferred them into active speakers, each with its own amplifier, wireless + DAC module and power supply.

The setup I created looks like this:

Schermafbeelding 2022-11-25 om 10.20.58.png

Wireless transformation
The wireless magic has been added by using the products of Arylic: www.arylic.com

As I had PSU's and amplifier modules laying around, I choose to use Arylic's Up2Stream Mini module. Great module for this use, small and easy to install. The wireless antenna is easy to be put inside the casing of the BeoVox. The signal strenght is strong enough to do so. And it keeps the speaker in its original looks, with this 'invisible' antenna.

An alternative could be the Up2Stream Mono, which has a built-in mono amplifier.


I took of the front grills and then removed the two speakers to create access to the inside of the casing. And put all components in place. Only for the Power socket, I created a square hole in the back side of the wooden casing, to put that in.

It is a great build and gives a lot of fun using these old vintage speakers, as if they are Sonos. The 4Stream App that comes with the Arylic products is great and easy to use. And has very similar functionality and ease of use as Sonos.

Money wise ... The speakers only cost me €25 for the set, the Up2Stream Mini 2x €49, and then a few Euro's for cabling, power socket and amp

Hope this is inspiration to someone. Enjoy!
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