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Bait and switch issue? [POLL]

Is there a bait and switch issue? (you can select up to 2 choices)

  • Yes

  • No

  • Maybe Yes

  • Maybe No

  • Others

  • I would like Amir to do an ASR gathering to further investigate

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Mar 8, 2022
It is an interesting proposal that the sample gear may be “loaded” for review ( I believe Amir is more than honest) and how does one feasibly check that every production sample is of same or lesser quality? Virtually impossible. How do we know show samples are same as production units, unless you take off the covers and know what your looking for?
ASR IMO provides a relatively scientific objective approach more than I have mostly seen and dispels many myths and much salesmanship.
Audio is about 45% salesmanship 30% marketing 20% bragging rights 5% science. Fact and objectivity most often is dominated by opinion.

I have only met one audio salesman (store owner) honest enough NOT to give me his opinion. I have decided to shop there.


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Jan 3, 2021
I can prove it to others too. Amir just need to be my helper when I do blind test.
; )

Amir already publicly said what I found is not important enough for him to spend time as he is too busy.......Hmm....So 6 out of 9 items have issues/differences, all bought because of his recommendation, and he is too busy to investigate or comment more?

Also publicly, he said if I can pay him $200 per device, he can measure my devices. So, if I want to check my Topping and Gustard combos are working the same as his golden samples, I will need to pay him $800.....Well.....
So you acknowledge you have received direct reply from Amir on your questionable call out challenge. You don’t like the answer. I guess you expected Amir to drop everything he is doing to allay your unsupported suspicions about some of your gear not performing up to spec? Then you accuse Amir of only testing “Golden Samples”. Which on its own merits is historically unfounded. You never give up. Just keep digging a deeper hole. Now you have slowly but surely dishonesty transformed this thread into a Troll Amir Thread! I no longer believe you are here as a good faith contributing Member. We have let this Thread run its course and allowed you to have a voice only to regret giving you the benefit of the doubt.

Thread closed. Open another one like this at your peril. :mad:
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