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Austrian Audio Hi-X60 Headphone Review

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^Yup wild ride indeed. I remember listening to it when it first came out. Literally the only headphone I’ve ever listened to that made me laugh out loud.
I’ve since then contemplated what or who exactly the X55 was directed at…like in what market. Who could use a tuning like that? Aliens perchance…which made my mind wander and I ended up philosophising about the general idea of proclaiming aliens exist on the backbone of an überstrange headphone tuning…which incidentally was the cue for bed. Funny how nonsense creeps up on you. Austrian Audio may have experienced something similar back when they conjured up this madhatter of a can - couldn’t say for sure.
I don't really think of a 44mm as being a small headphone driver. The distortion is good for any size driver I'd say. I've used It's a shame the cups aren't bigger and an easier fit. These seem pretty good otherwise--the site says they are supposed to be used in a loud environment and that might be the reason for the tuning?
Hi-X65 (Open Air) are very underrated. They sound similar to the HD600, but I think it’s improved in every aspect. It feels like they are how the HD800 should have been.
The X55 was a wild ride, and I'm glad it's over.
AA is still selling them though ... it ain't really over till all stock is exhausted I reckon... and that may take a while.
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