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Audio delay for left speaker on Edifier S3000 Pro


Oct 12, 2022
This speaker uses a different technology where the left speaker get the audio purely wirelessly. It is not bluetooth, but rather something from KleerNet. Is it a big delay for this sound? Would the speakers work for playing fast-phased games where correct timing on audio is important? I asked Edifier and this was part of their reply:
Regarding your inquiry, we are sorry that we don't have such specific information about the delay. Sorry for any inconvenience. However, under normal circumstances, there will be no lag problem between speakers. However, since the speakers are connected wirelessly, there may be some problems when you play some relatively large/complex games, or when there is any signal interference around.

If you have high requirements or are sensitive to the sound, it is recommended to take a look at S2000MKIII or S1000MKII. Both of them are connected by cable and their sound quality is also good, recognised with Hi-Res certification. For more information, please kindly refer to the following links.
Does anyone here have more specifik information? I would really appreciate if you could share this with me.
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