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Audeze LCD2C Headphone Amp Suggestions

Nov 24, 2018

I finally did pull the trigger on the Audeze LCD2C. I usually use them if I am working on the laptop with a ifi Nano iDSD (1st Edition) for listening mainly Spotify premium quality. If I want to chill, and if the Mrs and kids are already in bed I go to the living room and put my laptop linked to the ifi, then wired it up to the main amp (Marantz PM6005). Now, I am thinking on getting a dedicated headphone amp. Why? You might ask... well the TV is also connected to the amp by optical cable and the sound comes from the speakers, so if I want to listen musin on my headphones, I can't without cutting the TV sound off (and that might lead to divorce...)

So what Amp should I get? I was advised by a fellow LCD owner to go for the Aune S6, which is a Amp + DAC and has balanced headphone outup. Nice... buit costs 500 Euros which I am renitent to drop. Do I really need the DAC? Erm... no... Balanced outputs? Nice! Do I really need them? Do they really make a difference? Don't know... for sure... maybe not...

So what amp is a nice deal and is clear and powerful enough for the Audeze's?

I looked at Aune X7S, but their ouput impendance is too high. And has balanced output.
I looked at Arcam's rHead, which I can get nowaday new for 250€. Is this a good option? Is it powerful enough?
The JDS Atom also might be a possibility but I think is hard to get in Europe?
I looked in the past also for the Topping DX3 Pro, but also has a high output impendance and I've read about some reliability issues with some units...

What do you guys think?


Major Contributor
Jul 21, 2018
The Neverlands
Output resistance is of no concern to LCD2 as it is a planar.
So Aune X7S can still be on the table.
JDS Atom can provide 1W into LCD2 as well which is enough.


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Feb 22, 2018
I looked in the past also for the Topping DX3 Pro, but also has a high output impendance
No, it has a very low output impedance at 1 ohms. And as solderdude already pointed out, LCD-2/LCD-2C are planars, so the output impedance doesn't matter anyway.
On top of that, they're highly sensitive. You can plug them into any source and get a satisfactory listening level.
If I were you, I'd get an Atom and never worry about amplification ever again.
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