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Apollon Purifi 1ET7040SA ST / Parasound P6 - Bad combination?


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May 14, 2024
Connecting a Parasound P6 preamp to an Apollon Purifi 1ET7040SA ST with Sonic Imagery 994 op-amps.
A problem surfaced...
While switching between different sources, an annoying ‘tick’ can always be heard. With the volume at zero, that ‘tick’ is also there.
I first connected the preamp balanced and then single-ended. With both there was the problem with those ‘ticks’
At first I thought the problem was with the P6 and I went back to the shop where I bought the P6. Got another P6 but the problem with that ‘tick’ was also there.
Again back to the shop and connected both P6 preamps to a Class AB power-amp, here that ‘tick’ was not there.
The shop gave me another class D power amplifier, a Gato DPA-4004, to try. No ‘tick’ with this power amplifier either.
Anyone have an idea what causes those ticks?
I am a bit worried that it will end badly for my speakers.

In the attached zip file a video, nothing connected to the preamp, just the Apollon poweramp...


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