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Anybody here with Voicemeeter Banana experience?


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Aug 7, 2019
I have been playing around with Voicemeeter Banana (again) to try to use one stereo USB device (A1 in Banana) for the front channels and another stereo USB device (A2) for the rear channels and it works like a charm
However there is an issue that actually renders is totally useless: whenever Voicemeeter's audio engine is restarted (or whenever the computer is restarted) the delay between A1 and A2 changes....
So if I measure the delay with a microphone between A1 and A2 I get a value of X ms and then after restarting the computer if I preform another measurement the delay will be different....
This makes it useless for multichannel (and multiway) use-cases

I am wondering if this is a feature or a bug or maybe I am not doing something correctly?
Thank you in advance
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