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Another bookshelf speaker recommendation... bounce some ideas around...

Aug 15, 2018
I've been a member on this site for a couple years now and although I don't post I'm here pretty much everyday! I'm just looking to see what you people think about this... I want to bounce this off of you for giggles. K... I'm older... I don't hear past 9.5k and I'm very prone to sibilance... drives me insane! I'm looking for a bookshelf that meets this criteria...

- decent bass or at least the illusion of
- lush expressive midrange preferably forward not laid back
- treble that doesn't bite... smooth... extension does not matter as I don't hear past 10k anyways LOL
- max budget $500 new or used
- good at lower volumes... FYI 80db is max listening in our 13x15 room... I've measured!
- kicker... must be able to play Conway Titty and the Bee Gees for my wife and Indie, Electronic and Jazz for me
- don't worry about what's driving them... just interested in sound signatures

I've been in audio for 35+ years... I've been through the merry go round. I'll be retiring in the next couple to three years and I just need a carry over. We'll be selling and moving so I don't want to go big on budget... that'll be at our resting place. Side note... brick and mortar stores are pretty much obsolete in my area... box stores reign hence I'm going by reviews and opinions rather than actual listening... kinda sad.

I hope that's enough info and I hope I can get a few responses.

Let's see where this goes... thanks!!

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