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...and now: which Head Amp/Dac for lying in bed listening music or working in mobile office with a notebook?

May 15, 2019
Hi guys,
I have really learn a lot in the this forum. Thanks all for your great comments i decided to go with the JDS Labs combo set up for fixed desktop.

On the other hand, which small, lightweight and budget Head Amp/Dac would you suggest for listening music, watching movies or working on changing offices? Some people suggested Sabaj 2 or the Xtreme Pro, but could not find much info and don't see a overall "it is great!" agreement like the JDS Labs does. Surely there are more models. Dragonfly seems way to expensive for my budget.

I guess it does not have to have a battery since it will be feed by my plugged notebook all the time. I have the Shure E215 and Xiaomi IEM heaphones.

Thanks again and best regards!
Sep 25, 2018
There s the Mojo also, not cheap, but can go on batteries and super transportable to me due to its shape in particular and size (it's like a pack of cigarette). Some might not like its "user interface", but i find it practical especially at night to have those big balls of colors, you can toy on it without really looking :D
I love it for that and transport it everywhere, even outdoor at home now it's summer.

Other route, you could simply stick a khadas toneboard to your jds, but more hassle to transport, and managing interconnect cables.
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