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Amp for the Space plus dac


New Member
May 14, 2019
Hello guys i heard this was the place to get good help regarding my questions.
So i have both the ibasso mk2 and the space plus dac http://www.space-audio.com/space_web_eng/space_plus_specifications.html . however i find the amp section of both these devices lacking. The review i found of the space plus, after purchasing also came to the conclusion that the headphone out is weak. so i thought to ask for some recommendations on an amp to pair with either the ibasso mk2 or the space plus dac. would appreciate if you included different cost options example(one for 100usd and one 200-400usd) and then say why you would choose one over the other. so i can easier decide how much i should spend. these will be used with the headphones dt770 80ohm, which i am thinking of replacing with maybe a fostex tr-x00 in the future. my preferred genres are rap, hip hop, rock and pop punk.
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