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AMP/DAC combo recommendation for Sennheiser HD650

Feb 28, 2019
I ordered a pair of Sennheiser HD650s and I am wondering if it's best to get a Topping NX4 or Dacport HD to drive them. Portability is a factor (maybe the Topping isn't great for commuting), but because I will not have my Denon receiver for a year (I am not sure even if it was suitable for these headphones) I was thinking of maybe getting the Dacport HD and then something more powerful for home. I am afraid that the Topping would be more than enough so that I will not get anything better! How much more powerful and verstaile is the topping than the Dacport? Any other suggestions are welcome!


Senior Member
Oct 19, 2018
Both r good. Topping NX4 has battery, that will be good, it won't drain your phone/tablet as much, you can glue/Velcro it to the back of phone or tablet. DACport HD is more expensive and has no battery.
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