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AKG K712 Pro Review (Headphone)


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Jan 23, 2020
Do you know the Chinese and Austrian versions use identical pads (when new) though?

If your goal is to test whether there's a difference between the two headphone versions, you can't make that assumption.
Good point you make to Luke, but we don't know the answer to that unless we research it. Previously when I looked into Chinese vs Austrian on the K702 side I came to the conclusion that they were the same headphone specification, I'm assuming that's the same for the K701. If that's a reasonable assumption then it does make sense to use the same newer pads on both K701's to remove the pad wear variable, at which point you'd just be assessing unit to unit variation. To be honest I'd probably expect Amir to measure both headphones with the pads that are already attached due to simplicity & ease, and it would also take into consideration your warning points you made. Either way would be good to see the K701 measured on this site, I'd prefer to see the K702 measured, but still the K701 is also good to see.
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