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Aiyima A8 Mini Amplifier Class D "Subjective review"


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Mar 29, 2020
Introducing Aiyima A8 - Mini Class D Amplifier


Power Supply 24V 4.5A


Product description:
Power amplifier chip: Infineon MA12070
Maximum output power: 80W * 2 (4Ω load)
Speaker impedance: 4-8Ω (left and right channels)
Signal to Noise Ratio: ≥100db
Distortion: <0.1 (when outputting 1W)
Input sensitivity: 1.4V
Frequency response: 20-20Khz (± 3db)
Input mode: RCA
Power supply: DC15-24V
Size: 300 * 230 * 65mm

Screenshot 2022-02-14 at 11-14-02.png

So I want to clarify that my purpose here is not to sell the product, but to do my own review personal of this Aiyima A8 and to share with you my experiences with these mini Chinese boxes, a I like to buy and test these cheap Chinese products and it amuses me a lot and I like it very much, I also did a review of Aiyima D03.

But let's move on to Aiyima A8, this very small class D amplifier has no remote control and therefore more suitable for Desktop use, but if you want you can buy its companion Aiyima T8 which has the remote control and works as a preamplifier and USB DAC to be connected to a PC, Tablet, Smartphone, bluetooth or other ...


I tested Aiyima A8 with these electronics, Speakers: Dali Spektor 1, DAC: Aiyima DAC A6, Subwoofer Active Elac DEBUT S10.2






I must say that despite the Dali Spektor 1 loudspeakers even if they are small they are difficult to drive, but Aiyima A8 manages to drive them well, however I want to clarify that Aiyima A8 is less powerful than Aiyima D03 which I had reviewed here: https://www.audiosciencereview.com/...03-class-d-amplifier-subjective-review.25686/

For an everyday amp it's fine and for the price it sounds good, a warm full-bodied sound like Aiyima D03 but even more delicate and sweet but less powerful.

All inputs are clean, including the RCA which is better than the D03.

I tried to activate the BASS BOOST, as you can see from the photo, there are 2 small levers that serve to increase the bass, honestly I prefer not to activate the BASS BOOST because the speakers they become too booming and not pleasant to listen to, then it depends on your tastes and what type of speakers go put.


Also tested with the Q Acoustic 3050i which are easy to drive speakers and Aiyima A8 performed very well, a much more powerful and pleasant sound than the small Dali Spektor 1 + Elac Subwoofers


Well what can I tell you, for desktop use with small desk speakers and active subwoofer, this small one Aiyima A8 is the best for me, and you can place it wherever you want with its small size…. Therefore I recommend Aiyima A8 for Desktop use… and for its low selling price.




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Apr 4, 2018
You bought a very fashionable amp.
And thank you for uploading a lot of photos.

I think the feature of AIYIMA A8 is the amplifier chip of Infineon MA12070 used. I first encountered this amp chip when I bought the SMSL SA300. I completely fell in love with the smooth, high-resolution sound that came out. I was so absorbed in buying two more SA300s after that.

I wasn't satisfied with the manufacturer's products alone, so I bought several MA12070 amp boards from China, assembled the amps myself, and enjoyed the sound. At the same time, I also learned how difficult it is to handle this amp chip.

After that, I bought SMSL DA-9, AO200, SABAJ A20a, Topping PA3s, and now I mainly use AO200, PA3s, and PA5 (TPA3255).

The output power of the MA12070 is not very high, but the sound that comes out is very attractive and I like it.
I think the sound of A8 is a little different from the sound of A07 of the same AIYIMA. The TPA3255 of the A07 has a strong extruded feeling and a slightly rough masculine sound, while the A8 has a delicate, high resolution and smooth sound quality, and I feel it is a slightly feminine sound. I like both sounds very much.
The A8 has a modern design with a red knob and looks great no matter where you put it. It is cheap and easy to buy. I think it's good to compare it side by side with A07.

The BRZ HiFi brand sells two types of MA12070 chip amplifiers, but we do not recommend this product. I bought both of them, but they were not stable and broke immediately.


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Apr 3, 2021
Great impressions. I actually have a very similar setup to OP. I am using Spektor 1 with the A8 and T8 combination. I also tried the A07 and T8.
It is true that it is a serviceable setup, however I honestly think it does not provide any sound improvements over run off the mill active speakers for a desktop.


Earlier I had Monitor Audio Bronze BX2 and a Marantz receiver. Had to downgrade to make my desk height adjustable. Since then I have longing feelings back to the sound environment I had. As I am not satisfied with the sound of the Spektor 1 I tried multiple things. First off I used the adjustments via Equalizer APO that are posted in this forum for the Spektors. I added a SVS SB-1000. I tried different replacement speakers, like Opticon 1 MK1 and MK2, Q Acoustics Concept 20, Dynaudio Emit M10, Nubert NuLine 24 and even a more expensive integrated Nubert AmpX to replace the Aiyima. I even, just because I am such a nerd with this, I downloaded a trial version of Dirac Live and used it to adjust the sound to my listening position.

But to enjoy a nearfield listening position at a desktop, nothing of the above mentioned comes close to speakers designed specifically for that purpose. Listening e.g. to Abacus C-Box 3 active speakers, a local german boutique brand, I can honestly say they provide exactly the feeling of being inside the music that all the others could not. With resolution, bass and clarity that the others could not reach. So that's where my setup is going. The Spektors and the Aiyima Amps will go, and be replaced by a combination of the Abacus and the Aiyima T8 (because the volume control via knob and remote is so convenient on a desk).

The Aiyimas are fun to play with though, I completely concur with OP there.
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