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Aiyima a07 + dali spektor 1 + eq apo


New Member
Jul 12, 2021
First, hello to all and thanks in advance...

I have a question about this setup because sometimes while "NOT doing near field listening" I feel I need to increase aiyima volume but i read people are using It around 9 O'clock and mine is at around 11.


MAINS: Dali spektor 1, 6 ohm + sensivity is 83db ( small speaker).

PC SOURCE:16 bit 44100 amazon music HD -> EQ APO -4DB (to avoid Windows 10 sound artifacts) -> SPDIF ->dac without volume pot -> aiyima a07.


Taking in account speaker sensivity, 16 bit, -4DB EQ APO ¿ Can I damage speakers if I increase a little more the aiyima volume while NOT doing near field?
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