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Advices regarding USB DAC/Headphone AMP combo for HIFI speakers on a computer/turntable


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Jul 9, 2022
Hello everyone !

It's one of my first steps in the Hi-fi world and I don't want to make any bad choice so, thought it would be great to get some advices !

I am currently trying to make my first "Hi-fi setup" in which I would use two speakers (active or not, not sure what would be better ?) on both my computer, and a vinyl turntable with integrated preamp.

Also, as my front panel headphone jack doesn't work (defective audio cable of my computer case), I wanted to get a USB DAC/Headphone AMP that could replace it and make the connection between my Speakers and the computer/turntable.

The thing is, I am currently using a Sony XM3 Headphone, and I am not planning to get a dedicated Hi-fi headphone at the moment. So I am mostly searching for a desktop USB DAC that would be good enough for speakers, the headphone part would only be used as a replacement for my computer jack (mostly for video editing, I use them in Bluetooth most of the time).

As for my use, I mostly listen to Tidal masters, sometimes flac files, it would also be used for video games and video editing.

These are the main set-ups I stumbled across during my researches :

With Actives speakers

- Fiio K5 Pro ESS > RCA Out to Active Speakers (Elara LN01A ?)
> RCA In to Vinyl Turntable
> USB to Computer

- Topping DX3 Pro + (A) > RCA Out to Active Speakers > Mini-Jack to RCA in turntable (considering LN01A)
> USB to Computer

With Passives speakers

- Topping DX3 Pro + (B) > RCA Out to Topping PA3S (connected to LN01) > TRS to RCA in turntable
> USB to Computer

- Topping MX5 > Analog to passive speakers
> RCA In to Vinyl Turntable
> USB to Computer

As I am looking for something to last, what would be the best option for me, considering speaker quality/ease of use ? (I would be very pleased to discover alternatives if my first researches weren't the right ones)

Would passive/Active speakers be better for my use-case ?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help and your answers !
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