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advice for soft pa / soft hifi amp


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Jan 5, 2021
hi everyone , sorry for my bad english i'm from italy.
i'm building a sound system to use for 2 purposes.
1-use it for SMALL party(indoor and outdoor)
2-use it for soft hifi and cinema use indoor ( i don't need super hifi quality , but a quality like a normal hifi system)

i don't want to use crossover so i need 6 channel :

2 channel for 2 sub 15" 1000wrms (2000rms tot left right)
2 channel for 2 mid (6x5") 500wrms (1000rms tot left right)
2 channel for high (1x1.75") 250wrms (500rms tot left right )

all the driver are high quality made in italy

for the subwoofer i find cheap amp, clone ecc like sanway BUT for mid? and especially for tweeters i read that cheap amp have lot of distortion(like behringer a800)
i want to spend in total 1000 euros 1200 dollars for all 6 channels , the options are :
for sub and mid and sanway fp 10000q or other cheap but powerful amp ; for tweeter a behringer a800

please advise me the best sound quality amp options! thanks a lot!!
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