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ADL (by Furutech) iHP35Hx 1,3m - HD800 cable replacement "review"


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Jan 29, 2023
Gdansk, Poland
Since I have HD800 I broke already 3 cables. The original one, one from Forza AudioWorks, and one from CustonCans UK. Probably because some mix of cables' wires are very thin (like really, very, very thin), the cables being way too long for what I needed, and me not putting my headphones exactly the same as I picked them up. This leads to twisting the cables and as result, breaking the copper wire. Have I mentioned how thin it is?

Wanting to have something shorter, so it would be harder for me to break, I ordered Furutech ADL iHP35Hx 1,3m replacement cable, with Furutech CF-H800 connectors:

IMG_20230129_205939 (1).jpg

So, how does it sound?​

Just like stock cable.
It's a cable, it doesn't have a sound.

Fair enough. What about measurements?​

Unfortunately, I don't have the equipment to test the cable in that way.

Then maybe something about build quality?​

Now we are reaching the reason why I am writing this "review".

This isn't my first iHP35Hx cable. It is actually second. I returned the first cable.

The pins inside the connector need to align perfectly with the notch on the barrel of the connector. In my case, they didn't. In the left connector, it wasn't that bad, but the pins in the right one were so misaligned I couldn't even push the connector into the socket. So I returned it and I got a brand new cable. It also isn't without flaws:
  • pins in the left connector are misaligned
  • fit is very tight, you need to use quite a bit of force to push connectors into the sockets
  • it is even worse if pins are misaligned
  • because of a very tight fit, it is really hard to pull the connector out, you need to wiggle it, which isn't very safe
  • and the cherry on top: the ADL logo on the splitter is facing back. So if you are wearing headphones you can see 4 small screws.


There are two:

Sennheiser, please start using normal connectors in your high-end headphones. Some mini-XLR or mini jack. Something I can buy from any reputable store, that doesn't require me to solder ultra-thin cables.

For the cable itself, don't buy it. For a similar price, you can have the original cable from Sennheiser. And if you would like to buy a 3m version, you can even get a balanced one from Sennheiser.

And for me, the quest to find a quality cable for HD800 and HD800s (why I have both is a topic for another "review"), continues.
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Jul 7, 2022
Northern Virginia, USA
Useful review. Real engineers care a lot about cables. We just don't expect them to perform magic tricks on the signal ;)
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