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Adding SPDIF Output to old Sony-Based Compact Disc Players - schematics attached


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Nov 26, 2018
Hi to all,
thanks to solderdude and others, I am extremely pleased how well support in
the DIY section of this forum works, especially for noobs like me.
To give at least a little bit back, here is a schematic for the DAC-Nerds, developed
12 years ago with the help of people @ DIYAUDIO.

This schematic provides SPDIF to old players from the dawn of CD that were the using the
Sony CX23035 Decoding IC which was extremely common in the early eighties but did not provide SPDIF-Out.
For getting SPDIF, a TI DIT4192 is needed, it is still available.

But what you need for the DIT4192 is a 16.9344mHz base frequency. Some players have it already,
some have a dividable like 8.4672mHz. But there are clock-boards available that provide 16.9344 and a dividable as outputs.
Unfortunately this circuit is not suited (yet) for the very first one, the CDP-101, which has a different chipset.
and uses a base frequency which is not a clean dividable of 16.9344.
But it should work on any player that uses Sony´s DATA/Bitclock/L-R-Clock scheme and a dividable
of 16.9344mHz. I.e my Toshiba XR-Z70, not using Sony ICS seems to have DATA/Bitclock/L-R-Clock and
a dividable of 16.9344mHz. But I did not try the mod yet on that one...

Thanks to all, Herbert

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